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Environment variable substitution

cloudquery.yml supports substitution of values from environment variables. This allows to extract security sensitive data (like passwords etc) or variable data (that you want to change without touching CloudQuery configuration) from configuration file and store in the environment variable. To use the feature, set an environment variable before running CLI, adding a CQ_VAR prefix to your desired name:

export CQ_VAR_AWS_VERSION=latest
export CQ_VAR_ARN=some_value
export CQ_VAR_DSN="postgres://postgres:pass@localhost:5432/postgres?sslmode=disable"

And use it inside cloudquery.yml:

    - name: aws
      version: "${AWS_VERSION}"
    dsn: "${DSN}"
  - name: aws
      - name: "<YOUR ID>"
        role_arn: "${ARN}"

Note that only environment variables starting with CQ_VAR are available for use in cloudquery.yml, and their prefix is removed.