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The CloudQuery SDK enables building CloudQuery providers which allows CloudQuery's users to Extract/Transform/Load existing and popular service provider APIs as well as custom in-house solutions into a SQL database. It was developed to allow easy creation for providers and reduce boilerplate code when developing them, enabling developers to solely focus on the Extract while the SDK takes care of the rest.

The core idea of the SDK is to allow developing a provider in a straightforward manner, while allowing the user free control in fetching the data to be inserted.

Key Concepts

  • Provider structs are the core component of the SDK that require the implementor to only set a list all available resources, configuration of it's client and it's config. The provider structs implements the CQProvider Interface allowing the user to just implement his resources and configure function.
  • Table is the main building block in the SDK provider schema, these tables are passed to the Provider to define what resources the provider supports. Tables define their columns, relations (which are also tables). Each table has a resolver function that is called by the SDK with the client that was configured early by the user implementation.
  • Resolvers are functions to fetch resource metadata from the cloud provider, look up values inside structs, or simply do conversion between them.

Getting Started

Take a look at the CloudQuery Architecture and Developing a New Provider documents.

Debug and Test

To debug a provider see the Debugging section.

The SDK also provides a testing package/helper to minimize the boilerplate needed to test your provider.