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Provider structs are the core component of the SDK that require the implementor to only set a list all available resources, configuration of it's client and it's config. The provider structs implements the CQProvider Interface allowing the user to just implement his resources and configure function.


If we look at the example provider definition in the template:

func Provider() *provider.Provider {
	return &provider.Provider{
		// CHANGEME: Change to your provider name
		Name: "YourProviderName",
		Version: Version,
		Configure: client.Configure,
		ResourceMap: map[string]*schema.Table{
			// CHANGEME: Place here all supported resources
			"demo_resource": DemoResource(),
		Config: func() provider.Config {
			return &client.Config{}

Here a new provider struct is defined, which has an empty configuration and just one resource (the demo_resource). The DemoResource() function would be in its own file, demo_resource.go, and would define a whole resource and also contain the fetcher functions/resolvers.