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Multiplexer and DeleteFilter

Multiplex and DeleteFilter options are defined in the schema.Table entry, per resource type.


A multiplexer receives a client and returns an array of clients to execute in parallel:

func(meta ClientMeta) []ClientMeta

It's used to parallelize the same resource across multiple accounts or service regions. A multiplexer usually makes copies of the given client, and sets a certain property to a different value on each copy.

For instance this one from the AWS Provider iterates every account and re-creates the client multiple times, one client per account:

func AccountMultiplex(meta schema.ClientMeta) []schema.ClientMeta {
	var l = make([]schema.ClientMeta, 0)
	client := meta.(*Client)
	for accountID := range client.ServicesManager.services {
		l = append(l, client.withAccountID(accountID))
	return l


DeleteFilter defines how to remove a certain type of resource from the database, by returning a list of key/value pairs to match when truncating that resource from the database.

Again, this one from the AWS Provider returns an account_id=<THE_ACCOUNT_ID> pair, by reading the Account ID from the given *Client.

func DeleteAccountFilter(meta schema.ClientMeta, _ *schema.Resource) []interface{} {
	client := meta.(*Client)
	return []interface{}{"account_id", client.AccountID}

DeleteFilter is always a mirror of your Multiplexer.