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Primary Key

Every top-level table should have a primary key, ideally consisting of the account_id and id (or arn) of some kind. If the provider supports multiple service regions (and multiple entities with the same id can exist in different regions) region column should also be included.

Primary keys are defined in the schema.Table definition:

func DemoResource() *schema.Table {
    return &schema.Table{
// ...
		Options:      schema.TableCreationOptions{PrimaryKeys: []string{"account_id", "id"}},
// ...

Default Columns

For each table, these columns are automatically added:

Column NameDescription
cq_idThe identifier for relations
cq_metaHolds CQ internal metadata
cq_fetch_dateTimestamp for the fetch

If no PKs are defined, the cq_id column becomes the default Primary Key.

Relation Tables

The Relations key in every schema.Table is used to define new tables related to the main table. Every non top-level table (defined in Relations) should (probably) have a <parent>_cq_id column:

        Name:        "parent_cq_id",
        Description: "Unique CloudQuery ID of aws_ec2_internet_gateways table (FK)",
        Type:        schema.TypeUUID,
        Resolver:    schema.ParentIdResolver,

with a suitable Type, and the resolver should be set to schema.ParentIdResolver.