DuckDB Destination Plugin

Latest: v4.2.8

This destination plugin lets you sync data from a CloudQuery source to a DuckDB (opens in a new tab) database.

Example Config

This is a basic configuration that will save all your sync resources to /path/to/example.db.

kind: destination
  name: duckdb
  path: cloudquery/duckdb
  version: "v4.2.8"
  write_mode: "overwrite-delete-stale"
    connection_string: /path/to/example.db
    # Optional parameters
    # batch_size: 1000
    # batch_size_bytes: 4194304 # 4 MiB
    # debug: false

After running cloudquery sync, you can explore the data locally with the DuckDB CLI: duckdb /path/to/example.db.

The default write_mode is overwrite-delete-stale, but the plugin also supports overwrite or append. Note that overwrite and overwrite-delete-stale modes do not support atomic updates: to update a resource, it is first deleted and then re-inserted. This is due to a current lack of support in DuckDB for upserting list-type columns. If this is an issue for you, consider using the append mode instead. You may then perform a manual cleanup of stale resources after the sync completes.


Note that this plugin does currently not support Windows. See this issue (opens in a new tab) for more details.

DuckDB Spec

This is the top level spec used by the DuckDB destination Plugin.

  • connection_string (string) (required)

    Absolute or relative path to a file, such as ./example.duckdb.

  • batch_size (integer) (optional) (default: 1000)

    This parameter controls the maximum amount of items may be grouped together to be written as a single write.

  • batch_size_bytes (integer) (optional) (default: 4194304 (4 MiB))

    This parameter controls the maximum size of items that may be grouped together to be written as a single write.

  • debug (boolean) (optional) (default: false)

    Allows to enable debug logging.