Elasticsearch Types

The Elasticsearch destination (v2.0.0 and later) supports most Apache Arrow (opens in a new tab) types. The following table shows the supported types and how they are mapped to Elasticsearch field data types (opens in a new tab).

Arrow Column TypeSupported?Elasticsearch Type
Binary✅ Yesbinary
Boolean✅ Yesboolean
Date32✅ Yesdate with format yyyy-MM-dd
Date64✅ Yesdate with format yyyy-MM-dd
Decimal✅ Yestext
Dense Union✅ Yestext
Dictionary✅ Yestext
Duration[ms]✅ Yestext
Duration[ns]✅ Yestext
Duration[s]✅ Yestext
Duration[us]✅ Yestext
Fixed Size List✅ YesUses type from list elements
Float16✅ Yeshalf_float
Float32✅ Yesfloat
Float64✅ Yesdouble
Inet✅ Yestext
Int8✅ Yesbyte
Int16✅ Yesshort
Int32✅ Yesinteger
Int64✅ Yeslong
Interval[DayTime]✅ Yesobject
Interval[MonthDayNano]✅ Yesobject
Interval[Month]✅ Yesobject
JSON✅ Yestext
Large Binary✅ Yesbyte
Large List✅ YesUses type from list elements
Large String✅ Yestext
List✅ YesUses type from list elements
MAC✅ Yestext
Map✅ Yesobject with key and value fields
String✅ Yestext
Struct✅ Yesobject
Time32[s]✅ Yesdate with format HH:mm:ss
Time32[ms]✅ Yesdate with format HH:mm:ss.SSS
Time64[us]✅ Yestext
Time64[ns]✅ Yestext
Timestamp[s]✅ Yesdate with format 2006-01-02T15:04:05Z
Timestamp[ms]✅ Yesdate with format 2006-01-02T15:04:05.999Z
Timestamp[us]✅ Yesdate with format 2006-01-02T15:04:05.999999Z"
Timestamp[ns]✅ Yesdate_nanos with format 2006-01-02T15:04:05.99999999Z
UUID✅ Yestext
Uint8✅ Yesunsigned_long
Uint16✅ Yesunsigned_long
Uint32✅ Yesunsigned_long
Uint64✅ Yesunsigned_long
Union✅ Yestext