Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Source Plugin

Latest: v3.0.9

The Facebook Marketing source plugin for CloudQuery extracts information from the Facebook marketing API (opens in a new tab).


This following configuration example connects a Facebook Marketing source to a Postgres destination.

kind: source
  # Source spec section
  name: facebookmarketing
  path: cloudquery/facebookmarketing
  version: "v3.0.9"
  tables: ["*"]
  destinations: ["postgresql"]

    # Facebook Marketing Spec section

    # You can find the ad_account_id in the Facebook Ads Manager:
    ad_account_id: "AD_ACCOUNT_ID"
    # See the "authentication section" on how to create an access token
    access_token: "ACCESS_TOKEN"


In order for CloudQuery to sync data from Facebook Marketing, you will need a Facebook Marketing access token. You will need to follow the following steps (if you don't have them set up already):

  1. Create a business app in the Meta App dashboard (opens in a new tab). See Facebook's documentation (opens in a new tab). Make sure to choose the "Business" application type, and to link it to your business account.

CloudQuery only ever makes READ calls to the API, but due to the way the Facebook permission model works, some of the tables also require ads_management permissions.

Facebook Marketing Spec

  • concurrency (int, optional, default: 10000): A best effort maximum number of Go routines to use. Lower this number to reduce memory usage.