HubSpot Source Plugin

Latest: v1.1.0

The CloudQuery HubSpot plugin extracts HubSpot information into your destination. It is based on the HubSpot API (opens in a new tab) and the (opens in a new tab) library.


The HubSpot REST API is rate limited (opens in a new tab). By default, CloudQuery makes up to 5 API requests per second - but you may need to increase/decrease this value depending on your HubSpot subscription. You can use the max_requests_per_second configuration option to change this value (see below).


In Order for CloudQuery to sync resources from your HubSpot setup, you will need to authenticate with your HubSpot account. You will need to create a HubSpot Private App (opens in a new tab), and export the App Token in HUBSPOT_APP_TOKEN environment variable.

export HUBSPOT_APP_TOKEN=<your_app_token>


In order to get started with the HubSpot plugin, you need to create a YAML file in your CloudQuery configuration directory (e.g. named hubspot.yml).

The following example sets up the HubSpot plugin, and connects it to a postgresql destination:

kind: source
  name: "hubspot"
  path: cloudquery/hubspot
  version: "v1.1.0" 
  destinations: ["postgresql"]
  tables: ["*"]
    # optional, default is 5.
    # See
    max_requests_per_second: 5