OracleDB Source Plugin

Latest: v1.1.1

The CloudQuery OracleDB plugin syncs your OracleDB database to any of the supported CloudQuery destinations (e.g. PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, and more). Supported database versions are >= 18c (see more about database release schedule here (opens in a new tab)).


This example configures a OracleDB source, located at localhost:1521. The (top level) spec section is described in the Source Spec Reference.

kind: source
  name: "oracledb"
  path: "cloudquery/oracledb"
  version: "v1.1.1"
  tables: ["*"]
  destinations: ["postgresql"]
    # To use the default port (1521) use `server:` instead of `server:port`
    connection_string: "oracle://user:password@localhost:/cloudquery"

OracleDB spec

This is the (nested) spec used by the OracleDB destination plugin.

  • connection_string (string, required)

    Connection string to connect to the database in the format oracle://<user<>:<password>@<server>:<port>/<service_name>. To use the default 1521 port, you can omit it from the connection string, but still need to keep the :, for example oracle://<user<>:<password>@<server>:/<service_name>. See the Go driver documentation (opens in a new tab) for more details.

Make sure you use environment variable expansion in production instead of committing the credentials to the configuration file directly.