Snyk Source Plugin Configuration Reference


This example syncs from Snyk to a Postgres destination, using api_key authentication. The (top level) source spec section is described in the Source Spec Reference.

kind: source
# Common source-plugin configuration
  name: snyk
  path: cloudquery/snyk
  version: "v3.0.1"
  tables: ["*"]
  destinations: ["postgresql"]

  # Snyk specific configuration
    api_key: "<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>"
    - "<YOUR_ORG_1>"
    - "<YOUR_ORG_2>"
    endpoint_url: "<YOUR_BASE_URL>"
        period: 30d

Snyk Spec

This is the (nested) spec used by the Snyk source plugin.

  • api_key (string, required): An API key to access Snyk resources. See Authentication for API (opens in a new tab) for more information.

  • organizations ([]string, optional. Default: all organizations accessible via api_key): You can choose to limit what organizations to sync information from.

  • endpoint_url (string, optional. Default: not used): Endpoint URL to make the API requests to.

  • retries (integer, optional. Default: 10): Number of retries to make when a request fails with a retryable error code.

  • retry_delay_seconds (integer, optional. Default: 65): Number of seconds to wait between retries. Jitter is added to this value.

  • table_options (object, optional. Default: not used): Options to apply to specific tables. See [Table Options](#Table Options) for more information.

Table Options

  • snyk_reporting_issues
    • period (string, optional. Default: 30d): The period of time to use when querying for issues, relative to current time. This is always relative to current time, and cannot be used in conjunction with from and to. Examples: 30d (30 days), 2w (2 weeks).
    • from (string, optional. Default: not used): The start of the period of time to use when querying for issues. Examples: 2021-01-01.
    • to (string, optional. Default: not used): The end of the period of time to use when querying for issues. Examples: 2021-01-01.