S3 Destination Plugin

Latest: v2.0.0

This destination plugin lets you sync data from a CloudQuery source to remote S3 storage in various formats such as CSV, JSON.

This is useful in various use-cases, especially in data lakes where you can query the data direct from Athena or load it to various data warehouses such as BigQuery, RedShift, Snowflake and others.


Authentication is similar to AWS CLI. See also aws source plugin for more information.


This example configures a CSV destination, to create CSV files in s3://bucket_name/path/to/files, with each table placed in its own directory. Note that the S3 plugin only supports append write-mode.

The (top level) spec section is described in the Destination Spec Reference.

kind: destination
  name: "s3"
  path: "cloudquery/s3"
  version: "v2.0.0"
  write_mode: "append" # s3 only supports 'append' mode
  # batch_size: 10000 # optional
  # batch_size_bytes: 5242880 # optional
    bucket: "bucket_name"
    path: "path/to/files/{{TABLE}}/{{UUID}}.csv"
    format: "csv"
      delimiter: ","

The S3 destination utilizes batching, and supports batch_size and batch_size_bytes.

S3 Spec

This is the (nested) spec used by the CSV destination Plugin.

  • bucket (string) (required)

    Bucket where to sync the files.

  • path (string) (required)

    Path to where the files will be uploaded in the above bucket. The path supports two placeholder variables: {{TABLE}} will be replaced with the table name, and {{UUID}} with a random UUID to uniquely identify each file.

  • athena (boolean) (optional, default false)

    When athena is set to true, the S3 plugin will sanitize keys in JSON columns to be compatible with the Hive Metastore / Athena. This allows tables to be created with a Glue Crawler and then queried via Athena, without changes to the table schema.

  • format (string) (required)

    Format of the output file. json and csv are supported.

  • format_spec (map format_spec) (optional) Optional parameters to change the format of the file


  • delimiter (string) (optional) (default: ,)

    Character that will be used as want to use as the delimiter if the format type is csv

  • skip_header (bool) (optional) (default: false)

    Specifies if the first line of a file should be the headers (when format is csv).