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kind: source
  # Source spec section
  name: github
  path: cloudquery/github
  registry: cloudquery
  version: "v7.5.1"
  tables: ["github_issues"]
  destinations: ["postgresql"]

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CloudQuery's open-source, high-performance data integration platform proved invaluable in our journey to build a resilient CSPM-stack. With the ability to extract metadata from AWS accounts and other services, it offers a comprehensive solution for data collection and analysis, empowering our security efforts.

Jan Claeyssens

Hexagon's CloudQuery-driven serverless data lake project was a resounding success, demonstrating the versatility of a fully serverless solution. The decision to choose CloudQuery and embrace a serverless approach brought not only confidence but also significant benefits, eliminating time-consuming updates and minimizing maintenance efforts.

Peter Figueiredo

Cloudquery seamlessly replaced our custom APIs, streamlining data fetching from AWS API and resource storage in Redis. This transition has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.


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