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Features and Services
Price (monthly)
Highest of the minimum spend of $500 or 5% of monthly chargesHighest of the minimum spend of $3,000 or 7% of monthly charges
Discord Community
Private Portal for Support Tickets
Initial Response Times (SLA)Business Critical:
4 hours
Degraded Service:
12 hours
Other issues:
<24 hours
(Business hours*)
Business Critical:
1 hour
Degraded Service:
4 hours
Other issues:
24 hours
Account Manager**
Implementation Engineer***
* Business hours are 8 AM - 11 PM UTC** Account manager - Your account manager will provide the necessary support for you to get the most out of CloudQuery. They will guide you through your POC, implementation, and help you identify new opportunities for improvements.*** Implementation Engineer: An implementation engineer will be assigned to your account to guide you in building solutions using CloudQuery, advise on optimizations, and help you to build new plugins to collect data from new sources if required.
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Plugin prices

Usage is calculated as the sum of premium rows across plugins in each category. Usage is reset at the beginning of each calendar month.

Rows per monthPrice per 1M rows
0 - 1MFree
1M - 10M$ 15
10M - 100M$ 13
100M - 1000M$ 8
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Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

Whether you use CloudQuery Cloud or self-hosted, paid plugins are priced the same way with per-row pricing. Plugins are split into two categories: API plugins and Database plugins. Each category has its own price per row.

The price is calculated at the end of each month based on the total amount of rows that were synced that month in each of the plugin categories. The pricing tiers in the table above indicate the cost per million rows for the specified amount of rows in each tier. The more you sync, the cheaper the rows get. After the free tier, the next 9 million rows are priced as indicated in the second tier, the next 90 million as indicated in the third tier, and so on.

CloudQuery Cloud is free while in beta.

A row is a single record from a source that can create or update a row in a destination. A paid row is a row synced from a premium table of a premium plugin (some plugins have tables that are free to sync because they contain mostly static metadata). If a paid row is synced to multiple destinations it is only charged a single time.


Yes - plugins by the CloudQuery team are source-available to customers with a custom support plan. The CloudQuery framework and SDKs are (and always will be) fully open source. If you would like more information or have questions about your particular case, please reach out.

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