GCP Source Plugin

Latest: v9.2.0

The GCP Source plugin for CloudQuery extracts configuration from a variety of GCP APIs and loads it into any supported CloudQuery destination (e.g. PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, and more).

Libraries in Use


The GCP plugin authenticates using your Application Default Credentials (opens in a new tab). Available options are all the same options described here (opens in a new tab) in detail:

Local Environment:

  • gcloud auth application-default login (recommended when running locally)

Google Cloud cloud-based development environment:

  • When you run on Cloud Shell or Cloud Code credentials are already available.

Google Cloud containerized environment:

Google Cloud services that support attaching a service account (opens in a new tab):

  • Services such as Compute Engine, App Engine and functions supporting attaching a user-managed service account which will CloudQuery will be able to utilize.

On-premises or another cloud provider

  • The suggested way is to use Workload identity federation (opens in a new tab)
  • If not available you can always use service account keys and export the location of the key via GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS. Highly not recommended as long-lived keys are a security risk

Query Examples:

Find all buckets without uniform bucket-level access

select project_id, name from gcp_storage_buckets where uniform_bucket_level_access->>'Enabled' = 'true';