CloudQuery Cloud Syncs are in Open Beta

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan

In the past, we introduced a few different ways you can deploy CloudQuery on Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, or orchestrate it with Kestra. We are now adding an option that is going to make running syncs with CloudQuery even easier: Cloud Syncs.

What Are Cloud Syncs?

Cloud syncs are a great way to get started with CloudQuery and sync data from source to destination without the need to deploy your own infrastructure. You only need to select a source and destination plugin and CloudQuery will take care of the rest.
With Cloud Syncs, you can:
  • Sync data from any CloudQuery official source to any CloudQuery official destination.
  • Schedule syncs to run at regular intervals.
  • Monitor syncs and view logs in the CloudQuery Cloud dashboard.
  • Use the CloudQuery Cloud API to manage the syncs and connect to your other data pipelines.

How to get started?

Here’s how to create your first sync:
  1. Make sure you have a database and know how to connect to it. You might start faster by simply creating a Neon account and getting a connection string from there.
  2. Sign up at and start creating your first sync from the Syncs tab. Add Sync
  3. The default destination plugin is PostgreSQL. Just scroll down and paste in the connection string in the Secrets section Add Secret
  4. On the next page, set up your source. You can use any of the official source or destination plugins and you can configure the same way you would if you ran the sync locally.
  5. Finally, set up your sync schedule and the allocated resources.
That’s it! You can run the sync immediately, or just wait for it to run at the scheduled time.
Finished sync
Once the sync finishes, you can query the data with SQL directly from your database.
Got feedback or questions? Join us on Discord, check out the docs, or book a meeting directly.
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