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Query your cloud assets & configuration with SQL. Solve compliance, security and cost challenges with standard SQL queries and relational tables.

CloudQuery Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Leverage SQL to get visibility into your cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.


  • Find all public facing AWS load balancers

Query across clouds and SaaS apps

SELECT * FROM aws_elbv2_load_balancers
WHERE scheme = "internet-facing"

Integrate with the cloud and SaaS application you use

Build powerful policies and queries across clouds and SaaS applications

Cloud Infrastructure Security for Engineers

We write about how to solve real-life problems with open-source tools from a developer-first mindset.

Ron Eliahu avatar
Ron Eliahu
17 Sep · 7 min read
Introducing The DigitalOcean CloudQuery Provider

CloudQuery is an open-source, extensible framework that gives you a single-pane-of-glass to your cloud-infrastructure using SQL. Today, we are happy to announce the release of the DigitalOcean Provider for CloudQuery.

Yevgeny Pats avatar
Yevgeny Pats
20 Aug · 10 min read
AWS SSO And The Lost IAM Keys

AWS SSO and IAM Security Best Practices

Yevgeny Pats avatar
Yevgeny Pats
09 Aug · 3 min read
Announcing Policies in CloudQuery Hub

Adding CQ Policies to CQ Hub

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