Announcing CloudQuery as an Official AWS Partner

Jason Kao

Jason Kao Aug 24, 2023

We are excited to announce that CloudQuery has officially been recognized as a member of the AWS Partner Network. From this partnership program, we're looking forward to continued development on extracting, transforming, and loading data from AWS APIs to a variety of supported destinations that include databases, data lakes, and streaming platforms for further analysis. CloudQuery supports multiple use cases built on top of this data platform including security, cost optimization, infrastructure, and development.
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We have an exciting roadmap ahead of new features and improvements. Stay tuned!


  • CloudQuery was recently featured on an AWS live streamed data show, Let's Talk About Data:
  • Part of the partner process involved us working with AWS to complete multiple steps including an AWS Foundational Technical Review to ensure our offerings meet AWS's stringent technical requirements and provide value to customers.

How CloudQuery works with Amazon Web Services

CloudQuery supports a variety of source plugins and destination plugins. By using these source plugins and destinations, information from AWS configurations and deployments can be synced. Additionally, infrastructure data from a variety of sources can be synced to AWS-related and hosted data destinations.


CloudQuery Source Plugins include the following AWS plugins:


CloudQuery supports the following AWS-related destination plugins:

Policies and Dashboards

CloudQuery supports additional compliance frameworks including:
  • AWS Cost Optimization
  • AWS CIS Benchmarks
  • AWS Foundational Security Best Practices
  • Custom security frameworks including publicly available resources in AWS
  • Unused Resources in AWS
  • Kubernetes
Please see our links for policies and dashboards for more information about these offerings:

Use Cases

CloudQuery supports multiple use cases including security, cost optimization, infrastructure, and development. Below is a sampling of the use cases that can be built with CloudQuery with AWS infrastructure data:

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