Announcing the BambooHR Source Plugin

Joe Karlsson

Joe Karlsson

At CloudQuery, we're constantly adding new source plugins to streamline your data integration processes and enhance your data analytics capabilities.

What is BambooHR?

BambooHR is a leading HR software provider, designed to simplify and automate various HR tasks, including time-off tracking, employee records management, and performance reviews. It offers a user-friendly interface and robust features that support HR professionals in managing employee data efficiently.

CloudQuery’s New BambooHR Plugin

The BambooHR source plugin allows you to seamlessly ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) your data from BambooHR into any supported database destination. This integration enables you to perform advanced analytics and gain deeper insights into your HR data.

Example Queries

Here are some example queries you can run if you sync your data to Postgres using CloudQuery to gain valuable insights into your company's time-off requests:

Monthly Breakdown of Time-Off Requests

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('month', TO_DATE(start, 'YYYY-MM-DD')) AS month, COUNT(*) AS count
FROM bamboohr_timeoff_requests
ORDER BY month;

Employees with the Most Approved Time-Off Requests

SELECT employee_id, COUNT(*) AS approved_count
FROM bamboohr_timeoff_requests
WHERE status->>'status' = 'approved'
GROUP BY employee_id
ORDER BY approved_count DESC;

Average Time-Off Amount per Request

SELECT AVG((amount->>'amount')::numeric) AS average_days_off
FROM bamboohr_timeoff_requests;

Integrating BambooHR with PagerDuty Data

One of the key benefits of using the BambooHR source plugin is the ability to join your HR data with other critical business data sources like AWS and PagerDuty. This integration allows you to create comprehensive views and gain insights that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
For example, combining data from BambooHR and PagerDuty allows you to easily identify which employees were on-call during specific incidents and their corresponding time-off records. This is particularly useful for understanding incident response patterns and improving operational efficiency.


Integrating BambooHR with your database via the CloudQuery BambooHR source plugin centralizes your HR data and empowers you to extract meaningful insights effortlessly. By leveraging SQL queries, you can transform raw data into actionable intelligence, driving better decision-making and optimizing your HR processes. Furthermore, joining BambooHR data with AWS and PagerDuty data enhances your ability to manage incidents effectively.

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