CloudQuery's Transformations and Visualizations Now on Hub

Jason Kao

Jason Kao

CloudQuery has added Transformations and Visualizations to our Hub that offers add-ons including data transformations (queries) and visualizations (dashboards). These queries and dashboards assist with multiple use cases including cloud security, compliance, asset inventory, cost optimization, and cloud infrastructure management.
Header Image: CloudQuery's New Transformations and Visualizations Hub

New Transformations and Visualizations Hub

Previously, CloudQuery had a limited number of open-source Policies (Compliance Frameworks) and Visualizations in our open-source repository. These included queries such as CIS Benchmarks, additional compliance frameworks such as NSA and HIPAA, as well as other queries for cost, security, and infrastructure management. CloudQuery also had open-source visualizations available such as Cloud Asset Inventory and Cloud Security Posture Management.
Over time, we realized that these policies and visualizations required more attention and we needed to dedicate more time to building these core use cases.

New Approach

To give these policies and visualizations more dedicated attention and management, we’ve moved them to our CloudQuery Hub.
  • Policies are now known as Transformations to better reflect modern data terms.
  • Dashboards are now known as Visualizations.


Benefits include:
  • Support for Multiple Destinations including PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and BigQuery.
  • Ability to spend more time maintaining transformations and build more use cases.
  • Platform built on DBT and Python that streamlines dependencies and user experience.
  • Better tie-in to our CloudQuery plugins and updates.
  • More transformations covering security, infrastructure, and cost coming in the future!
  • More frequent updates to existing transformation frameworks.
Some of these Transformations and Visualizations will be Premium and will have a price associated with them. For Premium Transformations, we’ve included Free versions that include 10% of the queries for users to test with.
These Transformations and Visualizations can be used for various use cases including:
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Cloud Asset Inventory
  • Cloud Cost Management and Optimization
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Compliance
Our initial release includes:


  • AWS Foundational Security Best Practices (Snowflake)
  • AWS Asset Inventory (Postgres)
  • GCP CIS Foundational Benchmark (Postgres, BigQuery)
  • Azure CIS Foundational Benchmark (Postgres)
  • AWS CIS Foundational Benchmark (Postgres, BigQuery)


  • AWS Compliance (Grafana, requires Postgres)
  • AWS Asset Inventory (Grafana, requires Postgres)

What It Means For You

Our old policies are still available in our Git History as needed. Feel free to continue using those. To stay up to date and continue using a combination of new transformations and our new plugins, see to get started.

Get Started

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your feedback! We can be reached on GitHub or Discord.
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