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How SkyHawk Security Powers their Cyber-Security Platform Data Collection with CloudQuery

Joe Karlsson

Joe Karlsson

SkyHawk Security is a Series A cloud cybersecurity company specializing in providing advanced detection, prevention, and response solutions for cloud environments. By leveraging CloudQuery, SkyHawk streamlined its data collection processes across multiple cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, enabling its engineering team to focus on core business functionalities.

The Challenge #

SkyHawk’s suite comprises three core products: Cloud Detection and Response (CDR), Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). These products require real-time data from various cloud environments to operate effectively. Building and maintaining a robust system to collect, document, and manage data from these sources is a resource-intensive endeavor, diverting significant engineering effort from enhancing the security functionalities of their applications.

The Solution #

SkyHawk integrated CloudQuery into its data collection framework. Since CloudQuery is designed to be lightweight and can be run as a binary executable on your existing infrastructure. It was seamlessly embedded and operated within SkyHawk’s infrastructure without needing to spin up or pay for any additional infrastructure. This integration ensures that data collection remains secure and compliant since it’s all running on your hardware, so customer data never leaves SkyHawk’s environment.

Architecture Overview #

SkyHawk used CloudQuery’s CLI and plugins are configured to run periodically and on-demand within their Kubernetes cluster. They also configured CloudQuery to be triggered by SkyHawk’s application using the appropriate customer credentials. Collected data is stored in their PostgreSQL instance, allowing SkyHawk to leverage SQL and a data environment that their team was already comfortable using for creating rules, conducting analyses, and generating alerts. This setup enhances SkyHawk’s ability to quickly deliver comprehensive security solutions to their clients.

The Results #

By utilizing CloudQuery, SkyHawk achieved significant operational efficiencies, including:
  • Engineering Time Savings: SkyHawk’s engineering team can now focus on core business functionalities, saving substantial time previously spent on developing and maintaining data connectors.
  • Performance Improvements: CloudQuery’s optimized connectors ensure efficient data collection, reducing latency and enhancing overall system performance.
  • Simplified Compliance: Embedding CloudQuery within SkyHawk’s infrastructure ensures compliance with security standards, as data remains within their secure environment.
  • Enhanced Documentation: CloudQuery’s extensive documentation streamlined the integration process and improved clarity for downstream users, reducing onboarding time and support queries.
SkyHawk’s integration with CloudQuery has not only streamlined their data collection processes but also empowered their team to concentrate on delivering high-value security solutions, driving overall business success.
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