CloudQuery SentinelOne source plugin is now available!

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan

We have just released a brand new CloudQuery source plugin: SentinelOne! This powerful addition to your security toolkit allows you to extract data directly from your SentinelOne endpoint protection platform.
The new plugin empowers you to:
  • Centralize Agent Data: Collect information about your SentinelOne agents, including their status, configuration, and deployment details.
  • Track Installed Applications: Gain insights into applications installed across your endpoints.
  • Investigate Threats: Sync data about threats for detailed analysis and improve your threat mitigation strategies.
  • Combine Endpoint Data with Broader Security Context: Correlate SentinelOne data with other security and cloud inventory sources for a unified view of your security posture.

Getting Started with CloudQuery SentinelOne Source

  1. Download CloudQuery CLI and sign up for a CloudQuery account.
  2. Pick your destination: Browse dozens of destination plugins on CloudQuery Hub.
  3. Configure the Connection: Create an API token to connect to SentinelOne and make sure you have the required credentials to connect to your selected destination.
  4. Start Syncing: Create a configuration file for your sync and run the sync.
For detailed instructions and further resources, visit the SentinelOne plugin documentation.
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