CloudQuery Product Updates #10

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan

Hey everyone! Our monthly round-up of CloudQuery product and roadmap updates is here! Here are the main highlights:
  • We are opening Hub marketplace for plugin developers and sellers.
  • CloudQuery CLI v4 is out with a new command and plugin installations less prone to errors.
  • New resources for AWS and Azure


We've been working hard on making the CloudQuery registry more robust and make the overall experience with CloudQuery better. In the last month, we have enabled downloads of Addons (Transformations and Visualizations) and we published the missing community plugins as well.
The biggest news is around publishing premium plugins: We are planning to enable 3rd party developers to publish their plugins on our Hub. If you are interested to be one of the first sellers on the marketplace, fill out our short form and we will reach out to you with instructions and more details!


AWS Source Plugin

We have switched the default scheduler for AWS plugin to be the shuffle (instead of dfs). This scheduler allows you to run a large amount of parallel syncs across all your AWS accounts at once with a low chance of hitting API rate limits. The change is going to go live with AWS plugin v23.
Here is an example of the difference in the number of API calls between the two schedulers (courtesy of the AWS team):
Improvements to api calls


The new addon download command makes it easier to download addons in CI environments. To learn how to download addons using CLI, see the CLI Reference.
CloudQuery CLI v4.0.0 now downloads plugins from CloudQuery registry by default. This makes the configuration of plugins easier and less prone to errors.


The Plugin.client and Plugin.logger getters in Java SDK are now public for easier Clojure interop.

Blog and Documentation

Two new articles that will help you building a secure CloudQuery deployment:
If you want to publish your own addon, check out our guide.

Help us help you

We are always looking for users to talk to so we can learn how they use CloudQuery and find out what we could improve. Do you have anything to share? Book a meeting!
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