CloudQuery Product Updates #14

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan

April Product Updates

April has been another exciting month at CloudQuery. We've made significant strides in enhancing the performance of our plugins, such as Hubspot, GitHub, JIRA, and Okta. These updates, focused on improving API rate limits and sync time, bring you faster and more efficient data retrieval. Discover the enhanced capabilities of their latest versions on CloudQuery Hub.

Improved Engineering Analytics

We have addressed some requests for improvements to API rate limiting and filtering.
  • The GitHub source plugin avoids hitting rate limits thanks to internal improvements, but also filtering of workflow runs and making the Workflow Runs an incremental table which reduces the number of rows that need to be pulled each time you run a sync.
  • The JIRA plugin can now filter using JQL and supports custom fields.

Building Cloud Inventory?

If you are building a Cloud Asset Inventory, there are new resources in the AWS and GCP plugins. We have also added support for Snowflake and BigQuery to our Azure Asset Inventory transformation.


For CloudQuery premium plugins (which include a free monthly quota) we have now made it easier to understand your usage. When you log in to CloudQuery Cloud, you can see your usage in the last month broken down by individual plugins.
billing dashboard

Databricks and Sentinel One Support!

The Databricks Destination empowers you to sync data from any supported CloudQuery source directly into your Databricks environment.
The SentinelOne Source extracts data directly from your SentinelOne endpoint protection platform so you can combine your endpoint data with a broader security context from other inventory plugins.
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