CloudQuery Product Updates #15

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan

May CloudQuery Newsletter

This is another issue of CloudQuery’s monthly newsletter featuring cloud security and data engineering tips, tools, tutorials, and a changelog of all the new updates rolled out this month in CloudQuery.

Our Latest Posts

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How to Build a CSPM with Grafana and CloudQuery Learn to build an extensible Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution using Grafana and CloudQuery. This tutorial guides you through setting up a local development environment with Docker Compose, integrating CloudQuery PostgreSQL DBT, and Grafana. You’ll create customizable dashboards for security compliance and monitoring, gaining practical experience in enhancing cloud security for both local and production environments.
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CloudQuery Changelog


AWS has new tables with reserved instances: ElasticSearch, MemoryDB, OpenSearch, RedShift. We have also added tables for AWS Health and RDS.
Azure has got tables with storage account access keys and key rotation policies.
GCP now supports tables with data from the Security Center.
Finally, new tables were added for secret and code-scanning alerts to our GitHub plugin.
These are just major highlights. To see all the changes described in detail, see the individual plugin changelogs in Hub.


We have added support for the overwrite-delete-stale write mode in the BigQuery plugin.
All destinations now support “Sync summary”. After syncing, a table named cloudquery_sync_summaries is created and includes the number of resources synced, the number of errors, and details about the plugins (both source and destination).

New Plugins

We have published the following plugins in preview:
Orca: Sync data about your assets, alerts, attack paths, or CVEs related to your infrastructure Wiz: Sync issues, vulnerability, and cloud infrastructure findings from Wiz. Sync data about time spent working on issues in JIRA (using app). BambooHR: Sync employees and time off requests, and connect them with data from other plugins to find owners of your resources, or employees on call that should handle an incident.
Note: The preview means the plugins are free to use but their schema may change in the next major version before they officially reach the “Generally Available” stage.
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