CloudQuery Product Updates #4

Yevgeny Pats

Yevgeny Pats Feb 27, 2023

Hey everyone! Our monthly round-up of CloudQuery product and roadmap updates is here! This month was packed!

New Integrations Page

Check out our new integrations page!

SDK Updates

  • Better migration approach that allows users to choose between safe and forced migrations for all destinations. safe is the default for all destinations, and forced is supported for ClickHouse, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite at the moment (we'll add others gradually).


New Destinations

We've added 4 new destinations to CQ!


New Sources

We've welcomed 4 partners and community plugins!
We've added 5 new official source plugins to CQ both in the infra and analytics space!
Numerous updates to AWS, GCP and Azure.

Other notable blogs and use-cases




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