Releasing CloudQuery v0.20.0

Ron Eliahu

Ron Eliahu • Jan 26, 2022

v0.20.0 - Improved migrations, new protocol and stability


  • Improve migrations for providers, improve migration testing
  • fixed issues with fetch summary
  • added execution time to policy run.

What is CloudQuery ?

CloudQuery is the open-source cloud asset inventory powered by SQL, enabling you to assets, audit, and evaluate the configurations and even drifts of your cloud assets.
CloudQuery key use-cases and features:
  • Search: Use standard SQL to find any asset based on any configuration or relation to other assets.
  • Visualize: Connect CloudQuery standard PostgreSQL database to your favourite BI/Visualization tool such as Grafana, QuickSight, etc.
  • Policy-as-Code: Codify your security & compliance rules with SQL as the query engine.

Upgrading to v0.20.0

This release introduced a breaking change to our protocol, this requires upgrading all providers to their latest version, moreover, if you get any migration issues, please make sure to drop your prior schema or start CloudQuery with a clean database.

Improved Migrations

CloudQuery introduced migrations many versions ago, allowing us to create diff changes across multiple versions, creating an easy update path for our users to upgrade their provider schemas.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t robust enough when supporting new databases and dialects such as TimescaleDB. So we set to upgrade our migration protocol so newer upgrades of your CloudQuery will be smoother and cause fewer issues.
This feature allows you to easily support changes across any dialect you use if it's TimescaleDB for History or vanilla Postgres. Moreover, it the opens path to support different databases and dialects in the future so stay tuned! or even better ping us on flavour you might want us to support next!

What's next?

As always more resources, providers, policies, improved stability, and support for a new feature called Query On Demand. If you would like to influence our roadmap feel free to open an issue on our GitHub or Discord!
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