Terraform Drift Deprecation

Ben Bernays

Ben Bernays Jun 13, 2022

This is a short note that v0.27.0 is deprecating Terraform drift functionality.
Late last year we introduced experimental support for Terraform Drift detection (See the blog post) and learned a lot from the community and the feedback you shared!
We’ve learned a couple of major things:
  • Terraform State to CloudQuery Schema mapping is a full time job :)
  • This kind of mapping is useful for more than just detecting drift but also for other use-cases such as security organizations are interested in ensuring that "IaC" definitions will be compliant when deployed without having to maintain multiple policy implementations.
Our first try wasn't perfect but it enabled us to understand the meta problem we want to solve which is data ingestion, and transformation of IaC framework to CloudQuery schema. We are going to give it another shot in future releases once CloudQuery gets to a more mature place as we want to focus more on stability and other framework improvements before we want to commit maintaining this kind of mapping for all resources.

What will change

  • We removed the drift commands from CloudQuery in v0.27.0, you can continue to use drift if you use earlier versions of CloudQuery.
We really appreciate everyone who gave feedback and we are excited to continue building and focusing on what you ask and what we can deliver with the best quality!
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