CloudQuery, Inc. Data Processing Agreement

**Last Updated: April 15, 2024 **
This DPA has 2 parts: (1) the Key Terms on this Cover Page and (2) the Common Paper DPA Standard Terms Version 1 posted at (“DPA Standard Terms”), which is incorporated by reference. If there is any inconsistency between the parts of the DPA, the Cover Page will control over the DPA Standard Terms. Capitalized and highlighted words have the meanings given on the Cover Page. However, if the Cover Page omits or does not define a highlighted word, the default meaning will be “none” or “not applicable” and the correlating clause, sentence, or section does not apply to this Agreement. All other capitalized words have the meanings given in the DPA Standard Terms or the Agreement. A copy of the DPA Standard Terms is attached for convenience only.

Cover Page

Key Terms
Agreement: This DPA supplements the TBD
Approved Subprocessors: List of Subprocessors available at TBD
Security Policy: As defined in the agreement.
Annex I(A) List of Parties
Data Exporter: The customer and it's affiliates.
Data Importer: CloudQuery, Inc.
Annex I(B) Description of Transfer and Processing Activities
Service: CloudQuery Cloud and self-hosted data integration platform.
Categories of Data Subjects: The data subjects may include Customer’s employees, customers, vendors, and end users.
Categories of Personal Data: The Personal Data that is sent to Datadog by, or on behalf of, Customer for the purpose of using the Services.
Nature and Purpose of Processing: In CloudQuery Cloud the purpose is data movement while in CloudQuery self-hosted the nature is only usage data for billing purposes.
Duration of Processing: The supervisory authority will be the supervisory authority of the data exporter, as determined in accordance with Clause 13 of the EEA SCCs or the relevant provision of the UK Addendum.
Annex II
Technical and Organizational Security Measures: See security policy.