CloudQuery raises $15M to rebuild the cloud security stack

Yevgeny Pats

Yevgeny Pats Jun 22, 2022

Today, we announce that we raised $15M Series A round led by Tiger Global, with participation from our existing investors: Boldstart, Mango Capital, Work-Bench and Haystack alongside amazing angel investors from the industry.

Story time!

At the time of writing there are more than 300 services in AWS with more than 1400 different APIs. For GCP there are more than 139 services and 200 APIs, Azure with more than 136 services and 600 APIs. This list just keeps growing and I didn’t even include the long tail of infrastructure related companies like Cloudflare, Fastly, GitHub, GitLab, Datadog…
Getting visibility to those is key to almost any use-case starting from security, compliance, search, cost, infrastructure drift and any others.
This is why we created CloudQuery as an open source EL[T] platform focused on cloud infrastructure. CloudQuery has a pluggable architecture that supports more than 1000 resources across all the major cloud providers and other infrastructure providers.
ELT platforms are quite the standard in the data engineering world and the modern data stack. Extract, Load, Transform and analyze as this approach gives the best in class tools for each step, taking advantage of the advances in the cheap storage, warehouse and data lake technologies.
If we look at cloud infrastructure world it is all 2011 - sprawl of vendors targeting different subset of APIs, data silos, different query languages, no access to the raw data, inability to create custom workflows, and super expensive solutions that don’t scale well with your infrastructure.
Here at CloudQuery we are set on a mission to bring the best of data engineering practices to cloud security, compliance, search, cost and rebuild them one by one as data apps on top of CloudQuery. Due to the infinite (and growing) number of APIs we believe the only scalable way here is open source, so read more about our open source journey here:

What’s coming

We will boringly continue to invest in quality which is key for anything we build on top.
Apart from quality, expect an improved CloudQuery SDK supporting more APIs, new Databases, and slowly but surely you will be able to replace your multi-million dollar vendor sprawl with one stack where you can take advantage of best-in-class tools in data engineering and apply them to cloud infrastructure.


We are super thankful for our open source community for their contributions, feedback and reports that help us prioritize, focus on the most important things, and build a better product.
Thanks for our team who is working day and night to create a new open standard for cloud security.
Looking to work on open source stuff? ping us at jobs [at] this domain.
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