CloudQuery Product Updates #11

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan Jan 12, 2024

Hey everyone! Our monthly round-up of CloudQuery product and roadmap updates is here! Here are the main highlights:
  • AWS, GCP, and Azure plugins have switched to open-core model
  • Slack and Shopify are now Generally Available
  • New community plugins on Hub
  • Lots of new resources in AWS, GCP, Azure plugins


Open-core model

AWS, GCP, and Azure plugins have switched to open-core model. Read about what it means in our announcement.

Addons on Hub

Previously, CloudQuery had a limited number of open-source Policies (Compliance Frameworks) and Visualizations in our open-source repository. This made it a bit challenging to try them out and use them so we decided to make them available on our Hub. Policies are now known as Transformations to better reflect modern data terms. Dashboards are now known as Visualizations.



New resources:
  • IPAM
  • S3 Access Grants
  • AWS Inspector Covered Resources and Coverages
  • AWS SageMaker Endpoints
  • AWS SSM Incident Manager
  • AWS Global Accelerator
  • EC2 default credit specifications
  • Backup Gateways
  • replace_root_volume_tasks
  • AWS Traffic Mirroring
  • Lex bots
Other improvements:
  • Improved sync reliability with a new scheduler
  • Added support for multiple instances of AWS Identity Center Instances


New Resources:
  • GCP Compute VPN Tunnels
  • GCP Compute Target VPN Gateways
  • Dataproc service
  • Access Approval Requests
  • External Vpn Gateway
  • Interconnect Attachments
  • Interconnect Locations
  • Interconnect Remote Locations


New Resources:
  • Microsoft.Databricks tables
  • Microsoft.Insights tables
  • Microsoft.Eventhub tables

New Plugins published to Hub

There are four new community plugins that have been published to CloudQuery Hub:
  • Azure AD extracts Azure information regarding object/user/tenant relationships.
  • IPinfo extracts information from supported services by
  • Box extracts information from Box application about shared folders, users, etc
  • Google Workspace pulls directory information from your Google Workspace organization.


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