CloudQuery Product Updates #9

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan

Hey everyone! Our monthly round-up of CloudQuery product and roadmap updates is here! Here are the main highlights:
  • We have launched the Hub!
  • CloudQuery is now an official Google Partner.
  • We are on G2 and we would love to see your feedback there!


AWS, GCP, Azure Highlights

  • AWS: Added aws_ec2_vpc_endpoint_connections table.
  • AWS: Added aws_lambda_function_url_configs table.
  • GCP: Added gcp_networkconnectivity_locations and gcp_networkconnectivity_internal_ranges. Shout-out to shani1998 for their contribution!
  • K8S: Added k8s_core_pod_templates table for PodTemplate k8s resource. Shout-out to cychiang for their contribution!


The Neo4j destination plugin v5.0.0 now supports creating & recreating (range) indexes for tables with primary keys. This significantly increases data load speed & enables users to perform comparisons on the primary key columns. See more information in the Neo4j documentation.


In September, we launched SDKs for JavaScript, Java, and Python. We have now created more content to help you get started using these: Learn how to create new plugins either with Python (video walkthrough) or JavaScript (blog post).


The new cloudquery plugin install command makes building Docker images easier: it can be used to download plugins based on the provided config without the need to run a sync or migration with the plugin.
Read more about how to use it to build a container with plugins in our Deployment documentation
Read the documentation on the new command.

Community Hours

We are excited to announce that we are starting a new series of CloudQuery Community Hours!
Join us for a live chat on November 29, at 10 AM EST (3 PM UTC). We will talk about our recent updates to CloudQuery, share our plans for the future, answer any questions you might have, and take any feedback you want to share.
Sign up to get the invitation.


  • We have launched the Hub! Read about what it is in our announcement.
  • CloudQuery is now an official member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Technology Build Partner. Read our announcement.

Help us help you!

We are always looking for users to talk to so we can learn how they use CloudQuery and find out what we could improve. Do you have anything to share? Book a meeting!
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