May 2022 Monthly Updates

Ben Bernays

Ben Bernays β€’ Jun 06, 2022

Welcome to CloudQuery’s latest product news! This month we’ve been heads-down working on some new features but most importantly making CloudQuery easier to use no matter if you are a developer/contributor or an operator i.e - DevOps/SRE/Security team.

πŸ“ˆ High Level Metrics

  • Number of Releases: 26
  • New Resources: 12
    • AWS: 9
    • GCP: 3
  • Bug fixes: 100+

GCP Provider Improvements

Project Auto Discovery: The GCP Provider can now auto-discover all projects under your organization and recursively fetch all the configuration from each project (and project sprawl in GCP is common!). This should significantly simplify CloudQuery configuration and maintenance as well as open-up opportunity to build new workflows and alert on things like project creation.

History and Migration Removal

Sometimes we also remove features instead of adding to ensure we are able to move fast and with quality. This should increase developer velocity, both internally and externally, remove πŸ› as well as open the door to support more databases! Checkout our blog for full explanation.

Store Policy Data in The Database

CloudQuery supports six open-source security & compliance policies implemented in SQL so you can codify your security and compliance posture. With this release you can also store the result in PostgreSQL and enable more workflows downstream like monitoring security results in your favorite BI tool, alerting and much more! To see more checkout the documentation.


Running CloudQuery locally is cool but what is even better is running it remotely with non-ephermal database so everyone in your team can use it, build custom workflows on top, access it directly or via your favorite BI tool. To easy the deployment we release:

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