CloudQuery Product Updates #8

Michal Brutvan

Michal Brutvan Sep 28, 2023

Hey everyone! Our monthly round-up of CloudQuery product and roadmap updates is here! Here are the main highlights:
  • Open source: A new SDK, new plugins, performance improvements
  • Premium (closed source): New policies


In case you missed it, we published Python and JavaScript SDKs last month and this month, we followed with Java!


New Source Plugins

  • Bitbucket - First plugin utilizing our Java SDK!
  • Notion - Loads databases, pages, and users from Notion to any database, data warehouse or data lake supported by CloudQuery, such as PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Athena, and many more. Shout-out to Gagan Gaurav for this community contribution!

AWS, GCP, Azure Highlights

  • CloudQuery is now an official AWS Partner! Read more about this in our announcement.
  • We launched a closed beta for event-based sync with the AWS plugin. This helps with keeping your data fresh without running full syncs. Sign up for beta or read the full announcement first.
  • The AWS plugin has a new scheduler strategy that reduces the number of concurrent calls made to AWS APIs in syncs with multiple tables. This means the probability of hitting rate limits is lower. Read more about this in our documentation on performance tuning.
Check out the full changelog for AWS, GCP and Azure for full updates.


  • We have made performance fixes to our PostgreSQL destination plugin which resulted in a significant improvement in data throughput and resource utilization.


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