Welcome to CloudQuery

Open source
Blazing fast
Deploy anywhere
Pre-built queries
Eliminate data silos
Unlimited scale

CloudQuery is an open-source (opens in a new tab), high-performance data integration framework built for developers.

CloudQuery extracts, transforms, and loads configuration from cloud APIs to variety of supported destinations such as databases, data lakes, or streaming platforms for further analysis.

Why CloudQuery?

  • Open source: Extensible plugin architecture. Contribute to our official plugins or develop your own with CloudQuery SDK.
  • Blazing fast: CloudQuery is optimized for performance, utilizing the excellent Go concurrency model with light-weight goroutines.
  • Deploy anywhere: CloudQuery plugins are single-binary executables and can be deployed and run anywhere.
  • Pre-built queries: CloudQuery maintains a number of out-of-the-box security and compliance policies for cloud infrastructure.
  • Eliminate data silos: Eliminate data silos across your organization, unifying data between security, infrastructure, marketing and finance teams.
  • Unlimited scale: CloudQuery plugins are stateless and can be scaled horizontally on any platform, such as VMs, Kubernetes or batch jobs.