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Welcome to CloudQuery

Cloud asset inventory
Open source
Blazing fast
Database agnostic
Raw access to data

CloudQuery is an open-source, high-performance data integration platform for security and infrastructure teams.

CloudQuery extracts, transforms, and loads configuration from cloud APIs to variety of supported destinations such as databases, data lakes, or streaming platforms for further analysis.

Why CloudQuery?

  • Open source: Easily extendable plugin architecture. Contribute to our official plugins or develop your own with the CloudQuery SDK.
  • Blazing fast: CloudQuery's concurrency system leverages the excellent Go concurrency model with light-weight Goroutines.
  • Database agnostic: CloudQuery can store your configuration in any supported destination such as a database, data lake, or streaming platform for further analysis.
  • Pre-built queries: CloudQuery maintains a rich set of SQL queries and Grafana dashboards for asset inventory, CSPMs, Security & Compliance, and Cost use-cases.
  • Raw access to data: Decouple data ingestion and have raw access to your data, with which you can build your own security stack and re-use best-of-breed tools for querying (SQL,…), transformation (dbt,…), and visualization (Grafana, Preset, Metabase, PowerBI, …).