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Creating a New Plugin

The best way to learn how to create a new plugins is to look at the following examples:

More real world examples are:

Other source and destination plugins to reference can be found here

Naming Conventions

Community plugins use the following GitHub repository naming conventions:

  • org/cq-source-<name> for source plugins
  • org/cq-destination-<name> for destination plugins

A community plugin using this convention can be imported in a config by using:

kind: source
  path: org/name

for source plugins, or

kind: destination
  path: org/name

for destination plugins.

Names should not contain dashes or underscores. So for example, if you are developing a source plugin for a new cloud service called Cloud Widgets, you should create the plugin repository under org/cq-source-cloudwidgets.

Official plugins, in contrast, are contained in the CloudQuery repository. By convention, they can be imported using a special path cloudquery/<name>, e.g.:

kind: source
  path: cloudquery/aws