Core Concepts


CloudQuery has a pluggable architecture and relies on two types of plugins:

  • Source plugin - Responsible for extracting and transforming configuration from cloud-providers, SaaS apps, and other APIs (Available source plugins).
  • Destination plugin - Responsible for writing the data from the source plugins to various destinations such as databases, message queues and storage (Available destination plugins).

All plugins are split to official (maintained by CloudQuery) and community (maintained by members of the community in their own repositories).

Source Plugin

The core responsibilities of a source plugin:

  • Define the schema (tables).
  • Authenticate with the supported APIs, SaaS services and/or cloud providers.
  • Extracting data from the supported APIs and transform them into the defined schema.
  • Send the data via protobuf (opens in a new tab) to the CLI for further processing and storage at the defined destination plugins.

See Configuration Reference

Destination Plugin

The core responsibilities of a destination plugin:

  • Authenticate with the destination (such as database, message queue, storage).
  • Auto-migrate the schemas defined by the source plugins.
  • Save each incoming object in the appropriate table.

See Configuration Reference