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First things first - feel free to join our Discord (opens in a new tab)!

GitHub Issues

There are a couple of ways to get help for any CloudQuery-related issues or questions.

  1. Check out previous issues at (opens in a new tab) and open a new one if no previous one has been opened or resolved.
  2. Reach out on the #help-and-support channel on Discord (opens in a new tab)


Verbose Logging

Usually the first step that will be needed to debug/resolve an issue is to run cloudquery with --log-level debug to enable verbose logging.

Error: "failed to migrate source"…

If you see an error such as failed to migrate source, it means that, while upgrading a plugin, the migration of the SQL schema failed. CloudQuery makes a best-effort attempt to automatically and transparently manage the schemas of plugins, but this can sometimes fail during version upgrades.

The easiest solution is to drop and recreate the database or schema (or less destructively, all the plugin's tables, such as aws_*).

I am running cloudquery sync with multiple source plugins (or multiple cloudquery syncs), but some tables are empty / some rows are duplicated

When running cloudquery sync with multiple source plugins (or multiple cloudquery syncs in parallel), it is important that every plugin-configuration has a unique name. If the names are not unique, the different plugins may overwrite/delete each others data.

It is also important that every plugin-configuration is fetching different data (i.e. no two plugins are fetching the same account/table/region combination).

You read more about this here.