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CloudQuery vs Steampipe

Steampipe is using PostgreSQL Foreign data wrappers to create a PostgreSQL abstraction on top of APIs.

Key Differences:

  • CloudQuery uses an EL (Extract-Load) approach, which means supporting more databases and giving the user the ability to use any standard transformation tools such as dbt, and visualization tools on top of PostgreSQL (or any other supported database, for that matter).
  • Database Agnostic: CloudQuery supports multiple databases such as PostgreSQL, BigQuery and others. This makes it play nicely with the whole SQL eco-system and gives you the ability to re-use other tools like Grafana/BI. AWS Config is using a proprietary subset of SQL and database and thus doesn't give you the ability to re-use other tools easily.
  • Steampipe can work better for small-scale live queries, but if you need to get all your cloud assets in one place in larger multi-account setups, CloudQuery is a more scalable approach. You can scale Ingestion, Storage, Transformation workloads independently for each step.