Meilisearch Destination Plugin

Latest: v2.1.0

The Meilisearch plugin syncs data from any CloudQuery source plugins (opens in a new tab) to a Meilisearch (opens in a new tab) instance.

Example config

The following config will sync data to a Meilisearch instance running on localhost:7700:

kind: destination
  name: meilisearch
  path: cloudquery/meilisearch
  version: "v2.1.0"
  write_mode: "overwrite"
  # batch_size: 1000 # optional
  # batch_size_bytes: 5242880 # optional
    # meilisearch plugin spec
    host: "http://localhost:7700"
    # timeout: 5m # optional
    # ca_cert: "<YOUR_MEILISEARCH_CA_CERT>" # optional

The Meilisearch destination utilizes batching, and supports batch_size and batch_size_bytes.

It supports append and overwrite write modes. Write mode selection is required through write_mode.

Meilisearch Spec

This is the spec used by the Meilisearch destination plugin.

  • host (string, required)

    A Meilisearch instance host & port to use.

    Example: http://localhost:7700

    If your Meilisearch instance uses private SSL certificate, make sure to specify ca_cert option, too.

  • api_key (string, required)

    Meilisearch API key, granted the following actions:

    • documents.add
    • indexes.create
    • indexes.get
    • indexes.update
    • tasks.get
    • settings.get
    • settings.update
    • version

    Make sure you use environment variable expansion in production instead of committing the credentials to the configuration file directly.

  • timeout (string, optional) (default: 5m)

    Meilisearch API client timeout.

  • ca_cert (string, optional)

    PEM-encoded certificate authorities. When set, a certificate pool will be created by appending the certificates to the system pool. See file variable substitution for how to read this value from a file.

Underlying library

We use the official meilisearch-go (opens in a new tab) package. It is tested against Meilisearch v1.1.0. Please open an issue (opens in a new tab) if you encounter any problems with this (or another) version.